About Us

We aim to bring business and exposure to small, mostly black-owned clothing brands. A common problem people tend to have is finding clothes for a specific occasion. Searching through multiple shopping sites to find that one article of clothing becomes very time-consuming. By featuring small businesses and organizing the clothes that appear in their shop by category, customers can now easily find the perfect drip for their occasion.

Our founders:

Yelissa is a sophomore attending Columbia University. She is a student at the engineering school and majors in Applied Physics. Her interest in fashion and desire to create a space where women in STEM can be multifaceted is what inspired her to create this company.

Stephen is a sophomore attending Columbia University. He is a student at the engineering school pursuing a major in Computer Science. His interest in helping small businesses expand paired with his experience/skills in web design propelled him to start this company.

Marketing & Brand Partner Managers:

Fannely Valerio is a SUNY New Paltz alumni with a background in brand marketing and management. Her interests in sustainable fashion, brand marketing, and growing small businesses have led her to become a part of the Upcomers team.
Lance Wilson Jr. is a student at Montgomery College, pursuing a nursing major. He grew up surrounded by the fashion culture and runs the Instagram fashion page called @eastcoastfits_

Upcomers’ Brand Ambassadors:

Damely, New York University
Kishore, Texas A&M University
Abby, Syracuse University
James, University of Buffalo
Jaden, Columbia University
Juan, Columbia University
Sarake, Ithaca College
Xavier, Baruch College
Danielle, Columbia University
Yisehak, Johns Hopkins University
Josh, Columbia University
Madison, New York University
Israel, Binghamton University
Okpe, New York University
Stephen, Morgan State University
Patricia, Syracuse University
Souwade, Fordham University
Azaria, Ithaca College
Mane, Syracuse University
Sikirat, Columbia University
Vinn, Temple University
Katelynn, College of Mount Saint Vincent
Vanisha, Stony Brook University
Samira, American University